Jivamukti Yoga provides a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings. At Jivamukti Yoga Sydney the average student walks away with a clear understanding of both the history and philosophy of yoga as a result of our physically and mentally challenging classes. That’s because the aim is to not only train your body, but to educate your heart, your soul, and your mind. As you learn to move from asana to asana, you’ll discover that your yoga practice makes a real impact on the way you live your life.




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Pregnancy Workshop
24-25 MAY, 10AM-4PM

This comprehensive one weekend training will give you all the practical skills and knowledge you need to teach yoga confidently to pregnant women and to nurture and support them in the journey to motherhood. Taught by Katie Manitsas (author of ‘The Yoga of Birth’) and a team of experts including Renee Adair (director of the […]

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APRIL 27-JUNE 1, 6-7.30PM

Whether beginning yoga to gain fitness, strength and flexibility or to help calm a busy mind, our six week beginner courses are a great place to start. Over the course of six weeks we will breakdown the fundamentals of the Jivamukti Yoga practice including physical postures as well as some breathing and meditation techniques. This […]

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MAY 2, 6-8PM

The human body has seven subtle energy centres called chakras. When these energy centres are open and healthy, so are we – physically, emotionally and in our relationships. However, when they are blocked through injury, illness or disconnection with others, we are blocked also, from being our best selves. Sourced from ancient teachings, this sequence […]

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Focus of the Month

Inverted asanas are the most important of all the asanas for several reasons. Their positive effects are felt on many levels: physical, psychological and spiritual. Inversions help to bring the many systems of the body into harmonious equilibrium, balancing not only the physical, but also the energetic, emotional and mental bodies, as well promoting spiritual development. Turning upside down improves physical health, slows down the aging process, tones the muscles and the skin, improves circulation and respiration, improves digestion, increases bone density, strengthens the immune system, reduces stress and anxiety, increases self-confidence, improves concentration, stimulates chakras and makes you feel tranquil, happier, optimistic and spiritually oriented. The practice of inverted asanas may even lead to Self-realization. How can such claims be true?

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