Jivamukti Yoga provides a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings. At Jivamukti Yoga Sydney the average student walks away with a clear understanding of both the history and philosophy of yoga as a result of our physically and mentally challenging classes. That’s because the aim is to not only train your body, but to educate your heart, your soul, and your mind. As you learn to move from asana to asana, you’ll discover that your yoga practice makes a real impact on the way you live your life.




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OCTOBER 17 6-8.15PM

Many yogis find strength and inspiration from the Bhagavad Gita, the story of the reluctant warrior, Arjuna, and his teacher, lord Krishna. but what of Krishna’s earlier incarnation, prince Rama, his wife, Sita and their struggles to remain together - union - as they are exiled in the forest? the Ramayana is their story.

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Call of the Wild
November 7-9

Join Anna for Call of the Wild at Vijayaloka Buddhist Retreat Centre; A peaceful, beautiful, dedicated space for meditation & spiritual practice. Located in pristine bushland near Georges River, Minto. In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the aspiring yogi is informed that the connection to the earth should be steady and joyful. On this retreat we will […]

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NOV 12-19, 6-8.30PM

Jules Febre is an internationally acclaimed Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher. He began his practice at the age of 6. Jules teaches a rigorous class with creative sequencing permeated by yoga philosophy with joyful wisdom that inspires, uplifts and serves all those he meets.

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Focus of the Month

I asked my first spiritual teacher, the alchemist Randy Hall, “How do I become enlightened?,” and he responded, “First, learn how to cook, clean, and garden.” I was incredulous at his response; it disappointed me, and at the time I wasn’t able to embrace his advice seriously as it didn’t seem “spiritual enough” for me. Cooking? I was an impatient, skinny girl who found disdain in eating and was trying to reduce her food to a minimum and eventually live on air: how did he think that I could get into cooking? What could possibly be the point? I felt similarly about cleaning and gardening.

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